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Allston Master Plan Met with Frustration

Tempers flared and questions remained unanswered at a fiery meeting of Allston residents and Harvard officials last Wednesday. The meeting

Creationists, Evolutionists Join Forces

Leaders from the creationist Christian community and evolutionary biologists called on President Bush Wednesday to recognize the imminent threat that

Spearin Provides Insight Into Broken Social Scene

Charles Spearin is the tallest member of Broken Social Scene, a Canadian indie-rock band. He’s also one of its founders,

Allston Will House Fogg

Harvard has picked the construction site for a new art museum, University officials announced Monday night. The museum, which will

Untrained Runners Risk Stressing Heart

Couch potatoes should think twice before running marathons, according to a Harvard researcher who found that under-trained runners who take

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Zaidi: A ‘Promise’ Based on Ideals, Change

Ali A. Zaidi ’08 and Edward Y. Lee ’08 say their slogan “Harvard’s promise” reflects their attempt to change the

Men’s Rugby Makes Nationals for First Time in 3 Years

“Rugby is a thug’s game played by gentlemen,” says head coach Kent P. Currie. So perhaps it is fitting that

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China Care Raises Funds for Orphanage

It may take a village to raise a child, but Harvard China Care (HCC) courted a community of corporate sponsors

Our Attic vs. Our Upstairs Neighbor

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Then again, if you’re a member of the Harvard Canadian Club or the

Fogg Hosts HUAM Jam

The Fogg Art Museum hosted an unusual crowd last night, when its Italian Renaissance sculptures and 19th century French paintings

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Series on Middle Age Archaeology Debuts

Pagans, prisoners, and primitive England were the subject of the inaugural lecture in the series “Medieval Archaeology in the 21st

Rise in Public Service Evident in 9/11 Generation

The ‘Me’ generation might soon be better known as the next great generation, according to a study published last Monday

Seniority Eludes Some in ’07

As seniors who spent last semester abroad braced themselves for the rigors of Harvard this fall, few expected they would