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The High Society

“If you ask the right questions, you’ll find out that a lot of people are doing drugs here,” Greg continues.


YardFest: The Best Concert on April 15

Eager to maintain continuity, the Office of Student Life tapped an act best known for its supporting role on Far East Movement’s “Like A G6,” to play in Yardfest 2012. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Amiright?

Visual Arts

The Navel Monologues

In honor of Harvard’s annual V-day rendition of “The Vagina Monologues,” FM passes the microphone to a gender-neutral orating body part: the humble navel.

15 Questions: Diana Eck
In The Meantime

Ten Questions with Diana L. Eck

Ten questions with one of Lowell's House Masters.

Food Science
Food and Drink

World-renowned Chefs Explore Food and Science

The evening event, sponsored by the Office of Faculty Development and Diversity, aimed to offer Harvard professors—from a range of disciplines and affiliations—the opportunity to explore an interest that does not demand a common academic background: dinner.

Game T-Shirt 1
For The Moment

Harvard-Yale: An Analysis of Game Swag

FM put on its thinking cap and tapped into its most pronounced highbrow persona to evaluate this year’s Harvard-Yale t-shirt offerings. “Where art thou, innovation?” we wonder, aloud, in affected accents.

Harvard Square

Chefs Dish on Desired Last Meal in Book

“We’re late because we were making pizzas,” explained Melanie Dunea, as she hustled into the Harvard Book Store on Wednesday evening. Dunea, together with Boston-based chefs Barbara Lynch and Lydia Shire, was quickly excused by the audience with murmurs of approval and scattered applause. After all, they had gathered to hear about food.

Harvard Medical School

Burn Specialist, HMS Professor Dies at 89

Professor Emeritus of Surgery at the Harvard Medical School John F. Burke, who revolutionized burn patient treatment, died of pancreatic cancer on November 2. He was 89.

For The Moment

From the Archive: Love Stories

FM set off to Houghton, Pusey, and the Archives, to track the romantic triumphs and travails of undergraduates through the ages.


‘The Swerve’ Named National Book Award Finalist

Some might argue that a Harvard education—Expos 20 and all—owes much of its conception of liberal arts to the Renaissance age. And while many have investigated the wealth of scholarship that the Renaissance produced, few have attempted to explain what sparked the period in the first place. Last week, The National Book Foundation recognized the product of John Cogan University Professor of the Humanities Stephen J. Greenblatt by naming his latest work, "The Swerve," a National Book Awards Finalist.

For The Moment

How I Learned to Grow Down and No-Lesser Lessons from The Phantom Tollbooth

I used to agonize over whether Brother Bear had been so named before Sister Bear was born. When a seemingly ...

Professsor Robert Lue
In The Meantime

Art & Science

As far as many Harvard students today are concerned, the only points of intersection between art and science are the doodles in their LS1a notebooks. However, the separation was not always so acute.

Winnie the Pooh Door

Pooh's House Vandalized

Shock and horror quickly spread through the College this weekend, when an attack of senseless vandalism left the Science Center's much-beloved Winnie-the-Pooh tree in shambles.