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It’s an Australian thing, I told whoever proudly. It’s a habit that you learn from chilly beach days when you feel the wind grow chiller, and you can see the days grow shorter, and when you know, you just know, this means that Summer’s ending so you’ll all be back at school soon, and all those Summer Dreams you dreamed all year are never coming true, or not this time around at least.

Spring Break Journal: Alexander J.B. Wells

Last year, I went away for spring break, and when I came back in through the gates I thought, Ah, suddenly it feels like home. This year, I stayed in the dorms for spring break, and I had the whole bloody place to myself. And then I thought, Hey, I’m going to put $1,700 in cash in my mouth. So I did.

Mystical History Comes to Life in “No One is Here”

Ausubel’s basic premise is exhilarating. Fearing the encroaching tumult of the world outside, the villagers of Zalischik decide to pray away reality: to start the world again and to rewrite their story from scratch.

Coming and Going

In the still, stinky air of the passengers’ cabin, we steel ourselves for the unbearable mundane stillness that comes with zooming through the clouds at 500 m.p.h.

Man vs. Machine Through the Ages

Last week, mankind took a beating at the hands of its longtime rival, machinery, when the supercomputer Watson defeated the vanguard of humanity: Business School students. Even though our technological frenemies may have won the battle, they have not won the war. FM casts an impartial gaze over the epic narrative of history to find who really has the upper hand—or other gripping apparatus.