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Lander Awarded $3 Million

Eric S. Lander, founding director of the Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard, was one of 11 scientists awarded the inaugural Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences Award, which recognizes scientists in the field of curing intractable disease and extending human life.


TV May Halve Sperm Count

Watching too much television can lower a man’s sperm count by up to 44 percent, according to a recent study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health.


Al Gore Talks Climate Change

Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore ’69 praised recent efforts of Harvard students involved in environment and divestment campaigns during a speech focused on the health hazards of global warming which he gave in Memorial Church on Wednesday night.

School of Public Health

Professor Focuses on Gun Violence Prevention

As politicians continue to debate the scope of gun control in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting, one Harvard faculty member is suggesting that more funds be dedicated to researching the effects of gun violence on public health.

Visual Arts

Professor Explores History of Photography

Today almost anyone can snap a photograph at a moment’s notice with a cell phone, but photography has acted as a medium of democratic expression since its conception, History of Art and Architecture Professor Robin E. Kelsey suggested at the Harvard Allston Education Portal Tuesday night.

Middle East

CMES Hosts Talk on Uprisings in Egpyt

Global security and geostrategy expert Jon B. Alterman discussed Egyptian policy in a lecture entitled “The Egyptian Revolutions and Defining the New Normals” at Sever Hall on Monday night.


Artificial Intelligence Makes Strides

Harvard scientists have been at the center of recent advances in “deep learning” technologies.


‘Pop-Up Library’ Launches

Just across the street from Felipe’s on Mt. Auburn, floor-to-ceiling windows cluttered with a panchromatic mix of real and painted books mark the arrival of a new venue in The Square. Through the decals and tomes can be glimpsed an inflatable mylar cube, intended to help draw curious passersby inside to participate—or just partake—in what the Library Test Kitchen calls a "pop-up library."


Redheads At Risk of Melanoma

Scientists have long believed that redheads, with their fair skin and hair, are more sensitive to sunlight than others. Last ...


‘Cyborg Tissue’ Created

Cyborg tissue is becoming more than fiction thanks to research by a team of Harvard and MIT scientists who have engineered nano-sized electrical wire scaffolds that can be placed inside living tissue.


Pests Invade New England Forests

Invasive pests are proving to be an increasingly damaging problem for New England’s natural ecosystems as they continue to evade ...

School of Public Health

Experts Review UN Millennium Development Goals

Human development and human rights experts met on Wednesday at the Harvard School of Public Health to evaluate the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals and to plan for what will be put in place when the goals expire in 2015.