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Beyond Bars, Beyond Gates

If Harvard is serious about education as a civil right, it is time to start offering College courses in Massachusetts prisons.

Kanye West

Hear Me Out: 'Wolves'

"Wolves" effectively showcases West’s emotional state, but is anticlimactic and overly autotuned.

Op Eds

Faith and Solidarity

It is especially important in this day and age with such diversity and interconnectedness to emphasize solidarity between different communities and fight not only for your own rights but for those of people everywhere.

Mastering Style: The Learning and Teaching of Writing
Humanities Division

Pinker, Abramson Teach Writing Style

The event, entitled “Mastering Style: The Learning and Teaching of Writing,” was organized by the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching.

FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs Almost Makes Google Glass Cool

The Arts Blog examines FKA Twig's attempt to make Google Glass lastingly trendy.


Bundick Dons New Caps As Les Sins

Les Sins’s debut album, “Michael,” is an energetic record that manages to be captivating while moving away from Toro y Moi’s lyrically driven style.


Hear Me Out: Ariel Pink, 'Black Ballerina'

“Black Ballerina” has musical potential when it comes to production, but extraneous elements like hazy verses and creepy spoken interludes alienate the listener.

Fred Ho

The 'Last Year' of Fred Ho '79

Director Steven De Castro explores the last years of Fred Ho ’79, who was an avant-garde jazz musician/composer who played baritone saxophone, an author, a clothing designer, and a major face in Asian American radical activism.

Dylan in RightWing Bob

Weird Books: RightWing Bob

The Arts Blog presents a provocative Dylan-themed book from the bottom of the Crimson Arts book box.

Christopher Ownes New Testament cover

Owens’s Personal ‘Testament’

Owens has been empowered by his transition from a fairly straightforward indie surf-rock, Coachella-playing band to a more experimental solo career that shares the eclecticness of his musical talent.