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Back album cover of "Darkness on the Edge of Town."

“Darkness on the Edge of Town”: The Sound of Authenticity

Today, Springsteen codes for many things: masculinity, classic rock, and working class American life, all of which are rooted in “Darkness on the Edge of Town.”

Edward M. Litwin

Arts Vanity: The Theory of Interconnectivity: 5 Songs Inspired by "Gucci Gang"

All songs lead to “Gucci Gang.” It is the beginning and the end. The alpha and the omega. The genesis and the finale.


Music Video Breakdown: ‘Every Day’s The Weekend’ by Alex Lahey

The video for the album’s biggest single thus far, “Every Day’s The Weekend,” demonstrates just how original she is by giving full proof that Alex Lahey is a clone.


‘Dude Ranch’: When Sadboy Went Punk

It was never an album that anyone would’ve predicted would shape punk music for years to come, but it did. It has become a classic.


‘My Aim is True’ and the Art of Cerebral Punk

Costello was able to combine his cleverness with the intensity and craft of a frustrated nerd. No album showcases this better than his debut, “My Aim is True,” an album that turned 40 this summer and challenged the very idea of what punk could be.

'Exodus' by Bob Marley and the Wailers

Love and 'Exodus'

Forty years later, “Exodus” is one of the most uplifting protest albums ever. The spirituality and positivity work to energize the album and instill a sense that love and peace really can save everyone.


“Half-Light” is the Best of Rostam’s Sensibilities

While “Half-Light” has its flaws, it succeeds in showing exactly how valuable Rostam is as a producer and instrumentalist, as well as in highlighting his songwriting craft.

Cover of "Bad" by Michael Jackson

‘Bad’ Turns 30: Revisiting the King’s Rockingest Album

30 years later, it’s time Jackson was praised for his riskiest and most experimental work.

Steve Aoki's Yardfest Performance

Who Should Be the 2017 Yardfest Headliner?

Rakesh Khurana is a multitalented man and as a musical act, he could be legendary.


‘DROGAS Light’ Welcomes Lupe Fiasco to Complete Irrelevance

This is an album from one of rap’s formerly rising stars that will be utterly forgotten within the year, and it leaves little confidence that the rest of his trilogy will be good.


Oscar-Nominated Shorts Aim for the Heart

While feature film nominees such as “La La Land” and “Moonlight” played the leading roles in Monday evening’s Academy Awards ceremony, the contenders in the short film categories (live action and animated films) did not gain as much attention. Nevertheless, many of these works show as much genius and innovation as any other competitors.

Ed Sheeran in "Castle on the Hill"

Music Video Breakdown: "Castle on the Hill" by Ed Sheeran

It goes to show that if you’re just distant and hardworking enough, one day you too could grow up to be as superior as Ed Sheeran is.


‘Live at the Whisky a Go Go: The Complete Recordings’ Shows the Calculating Mind of One of Music’s Greats

Redding utilized every moment on stage to further his career, promoting his new single and covering hit songs by white artists like The Beatles—whatever he needed to get the audience to buy his records.

Donald Trump

Late Night Comedy Unpacks the Aftermath of the Election

Many late night comedy shows tried to do post-election coverage as they would any other subject, but no one was really laughing this week.​


‘Ten Hymns From My American Gothic’: An Optimistic Second Generation American Experience

“Ten Hymns” functions as a stunning album that explores themes ranging from achieving the american dream to generational differences in privilege between immigrants and their parents.