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Andrew W. Liang

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A Letter to the Class of 2024

My advice is short: Follow your heart. Choose one of the doors, and don’t look back. Chances are, you’ll have found the car — and four fantastic years to go along with it.

Larry Bacow and the Act of God

As we now finish our semester at home, I think it’s valuable to revisit the decision that University President Lawrence S. Bacow made two weeks ago, asking us to stay home following spring break.

Hand-Washing in the Time of Coronavirus

Most of us are pretty myopic when it comes to history; we tend to forget how recently the United States faced pandemics that actually inflicted damage on the scale of the worst-case projections for this virus.

Transactional Experiences

There is an unintended beauty to free enterprise, and we’ve become so accustomed that we tend to ignore it.

The Law Students that Aren’t

We should all support the vigorous passage of legislation to combat climate change, but that is not what these Law School students have advocated for.