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Harvard Student Agencies to Help Pilot New ‘Direct-to-Dorm’ Food Delivery App

Harvard Student Agencies will help launch the HOPP app — a “direct-to-dorm” snack and drink delivery service — on Harvard’s campus during the week following spring break. During HOPP’s initial launch period, Harvard students will be able to order select items from a fulfillment center.

Thousands Seek Love, Free Food on Valentine’s Day with Datamatch

On Valentine’s Day morning, more than 25,000 students spanning 13 colleges found their email inboxes struck by the arrows of Harvard’s “Digital Cupids” — the 2019 Datamatch team — offering food, friendship, and a chance at true love.

Harvard Alumni Group Discusses Women’s Role in Media Depolarization

About 45 alumni, students, and community members gathered inside the Phillips Brooks House parlor room on Saturday to discuss the polarization of the media during a roundtable event hosted by the Harvard Alumni for Global Women’s Empowerment.

Forty-Eight Seniors Chosen for 2019 PBK Class

About 44 percent of the class of 2019’s newest inductees concentrate in the division of Science, a change from last year, when Social Sciences made up the largest portion with 42 percent.