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It was Dylan Thomas in reverse. See, Harvard men’s basketball captain Brady Merchant refused to go gentle into that good

In Do-Or-Die Spot, Salsgiver Pitches In

PRINCETON, NJ—He may have sailed his final warm-up pitch to the backstop upon entering the game, but Harvard outfielder-turned-reliever Lance

Athlete of the Week: Kenon P. Ronz '03

Harvard coach Joe Walsh has guessed right on enough hunches this year to justify confidence in his power of prophecy.

Lentz Gets Last Laugh

HANOVER, N.H.—Like all great protagonists, or at least all the interesting ones, Harvard senior catcher Brian Lentz has had his

Life of Brian: Don’t Question His Desire

Boyhood dreams of playing professional football aside, Harvard senior Jamil Soriano has another reason to look forward to this weekend’s

Brunnig Checks Out, Appears Ready to Pitch

After missing his second straight turn in the rotation this past weekend, freshman pitcher Matt Brunnig will get checked out