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Cornell Frat Harassment

Members of the Delta Chi fraternity at Cornell University allegedly sexually harassed a female student at a party two weekends

UPenn Faculty Criticize Handling of Rape Case

The University of Pennsylvania faculty last week attacked the school administration for mishandling an alleged rape at a UPenn fraternity

Berkeley Boycott

University of California at Berkeley student voters have overwhelmingly approved the continuation of the student council boycotts of Coors beer

UCLA Student Arrested For Computer Break-In

A student at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) was charged last week with breaking into a U.S.

Library Clash

A new policy to limit weekend library hours at Stanford has faced stiff opposition from undergraduates including some who plan

Ronald Reagan University?

Standford students who last month formed a group called the "Stanford Community Against Reagan University" have enlisted the aid of

X-Rated Penn

Despite strong protests by a women's students group and two top university of Pennsylvania plans to show the X-rated film

Caged Yalie

A Yale graduate student arrested in a recent protest of the Trident submarine at Groton is serving a 30-days sentence

First Class Pipes

The University of Texas celebrated its 100th birthday last week, unveiling its unique "tracker organ," and as part of the

UMass Slurs

Officials at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst have formalized a new policy aimed at dealing directly with racist or

Sexual Harassment

Officials at the University of California at Berkeley have created a new board to mediate grievances on sexual harassment, designed

Council Reps Talk Government At Chicago Student Convention

Two representatives from the Undergraduate Council returned to Harvard yesterday after trading insights with 200 students from 40 different colleges

New Wave Musician Killed; Family Creates Harvard Fund

A fund to benefit the arts at the University has recently been net up in memory of a well-known, Harvard-educated

Council Will Send 25 Students To D.C. Financial Aid Rally

The Undergraduate Council will help send 25 Harvard undergraduates to Washington, D.C., to join about 7000 students from around the

Harvard Math Team Wins First National Contest in 17 Years

A team of three undergraduates grabbed first place honors in the Putnam Mathematical Competition, giving Harvard its first top finish