Mather House

By Sophia Salamanca and Sami E. Turner
Welcome to Mather House! Mather is one of the newest houses at Harvard, built in the 70s, but don’t let the building’s tough exterior intimidate you. Inside, it’s like a warm hug — filled with an outgoing and welcoming community, singles for everyone, and some of the best ragers around — Mather has something for everyone. If you get into this house, you are one of the luckiest people alive!
By J.J. Moore

By Angela Dela Cruz

Quirks & Perks

A gorilla or a lion, Mather is the only house with two mascots! Why? No clue. It makes Mather quirky and unique to all houses around. But those are not the only quirks and perks in this cOncRetE jungle.

Puppies. Happy hour. Mather Lather. The list goes on.

The tutors’ dogs are a main attraction at Mather. “The dogs are really nice,” says HoCo Co-Chair Ailie S. Johnson ’24. “One’s named Donkey. Donkey’s one of my favorites.”

“He has such a funny little personality,” Johnson added. “We have a whole set of them.”

If human interaction is more your speed, Mather holds a biweekly happy hour for students to socialize with other Matherites. “I think our house spirit is very hype,” says Johnson. “Everybody loves living here. We have lots of great attendance for our happy hours. Everybody comes to hang out.”

Mather is a very social environment. Much like a true jungle, it is filled with loud, outgoing, and courageous people. Everybody is different though and there will always be something just right for you. When you need a break from your psets and office hours, there are tranquility rooms where students can take yoga and meditation classes. “I really like the tranquility room,” Anna G. Dean ’25, Mather’s other HoCo Co-Chair said. “We have a wellness center and we have a Wellness Educator who’s a tutor in Mather. It’s very zen there.”

And there are places perfect for partying. “I feel like there’s always a party every Friday, Saturday night,” says Johnson. According to Johnson, the Junior Common Room is a hub for parties hosted by organizations and the residents of Mather.

“Just listen to where the music is,” says Dean.

From puppies to tranquility rooms, Mather is a welcoming, homely, and lively environment. Once you get settled, you will never want to leave.

All About Housing

If you live in Mather, you are living in a perfect world. How do you describe a place so great with so few words? Well to start off, it is imperative that the Mather singles are at the forefront of the conversation. Unlike most houses, if you’re placed in Mather, you are guaranteed a ~luxurious~ single. As a sophomore, you will most likely be placed in Mather low-rise, where you will be gifted a two-story suite with four to five other people and a roomy common space for socializing.

The ensuite common rooms are not the only spacious places in Mather. Upon entering the dining hall, your jaw will drop. Made up of tall ceilings, long windows, and a lot of natural lighting, the dining hall is a beautiful and comfortable space to eat at. And there’s blueberry ice cream! Tell me you aren’t jealous. “It’s really beautiful,” said Dean. “Whenever it’s sunny, you can see the river.” But the Mather dining hall is not only a place to eat, it’s also a great place to socialize. “It’s really comfortable here,” said Johnson. “There’s always people here and I come here and do work. Just because of its good vibes.”

Your Questions, Answered:

If that wasn’t convincing enough, Mather’s HoCo chairs have more to say about their special jungle.

What song would you relate Mather House to?

ASJ: I feel like Anna and I, we’re not the most pop culture people. What’s that one Pitbull song? Oh, the World one. “Mr. Worldwide.” Oh it’s, it’s on the tip of my tongue.

AGD: “Time of Our Lives” is a good one.

Because if you become a gorilla or a lion, you will have the Time of YOUR Life.

If Mather was a coming-of-age movie, what movie would it be?

ASJ: That’s really deep.

AGD: Do you know the movie “Booksmart”? It’s like a bunch of nerds partying.

JM: And weren’t they also coming to an Ivy as well?

AGD: Yeah. It’s perfect. Perfect movie.

…and perhaps the perfect house…for you.

If Mather was a Hogwarts house, what house would it be?

AGD: Hufflepuff.

ASJ: I was gonna say Hufflepuff. Is that like an insult?

AGD: I’m a Hufflepuff.

ASJ: We are a little quirky and our architecture’s a little quirky, but we’re really fun and nice.

And as we all know, Hufflepuffs throw the best parties!

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