1968 50th Reunion

Coretta Scott King

Coretta Scott King at Class Day

On June 12, 1968, Coretta Scott King addressed a campus disillusioned by the draft and a spate of political violence.

Carpenter Center Today
Visual Arts

Harvard’s Home for the 'Living Artist'

The committee released a report on the state of the visual arts at Harvard, and urged the University to “reëxamine its relation to the artist”—in particular, the artists on its campus.

Christina Schlesinger
Visual Arts

Christina Schlesinger '68: An 'Original Bosslady'

Schlesinger’s art, known for its unapologetic depictions of sexuality with painting collections titled “Dildos” and “Lesbian Sex,” is nothing like what she painted during her time at Radcliffe.

Four Demands

Revisiting the 'Four Demands,' Fifty Years Later

“Do you mourn Martin Luther King?” the advertisement read. “Harvard can do this.”

Briggs Hall
Radcliffe Institute

The Radcliffe Housing Hunger Strike of 1967

The students, in their five-day hunger strike, were protesting the right to live off-campus.

Linda J. Greenhouse '68

Linda J. Greenhouse ’68: ‘A Largely Exemplary Life’

Greenhouse says that acclimating to and excelling in The Crimson’s male-dominated newsroom was “a toughening exercise.”

Marlyn E. McGrath '70

Harry, Marlyn, and Harvard: A 50-Year Marriage

Harvard has undergone decades of change—and Lewis and McGrath have been around to see it. Both have stayed in Cambridge and, in many ways, become campus institutions.