Christopher D. Frith, Professor Emeritus of Neuropsychology at University College London discusses observational learning in humans and animals Thursday afternoon. His presentation on how culture affects the brain is the final installment of the Mind, Brain and Behavior Department's Distinguished Lecture Series for Spring 2013. Daniel J. Hilhorst.

Art Offers Clues into Brain

In a captivating lecture filled with optical illusions, renowned artwork, and a few experiments for good measure, Professor of Neurobiology Margaret S. Livingstone presented the Mind/Brain/Behavior Distinguished Harvard Lecture for 2012.

New iPhone App Developed at Harvard Lets Users Program Their Dreams

A user selects up to five words that he would like to incorporate into his dreams and enters information about his planned sleep schedule. During the night, the iPhone softly speaks the words during REM cycles.

Professor Discusses Babies’ Language Skills

Babies are able to differentiate minute sound distinctions that would otherwise be lost to adults, University of Washington professor of speech and hearing sciences Patricia K. Kuhl said on Tuesday.

Linguistic Genius of Infants

Dr. Patricia Kuhl, Ph.D gives a lecture entitled "The Linguistic Genius of Infants: Early Learning and Brain Plasticity," engaging the audience as she explains her research on infant cognition.

Infant Language Acquisition

Dr. Patricia Kuhl, of the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences at the University of Washington, discusses infant language acquisition as part of the Mind, Brain, and Behavior’s Annual Distinguished Lecture series.

Two Harvard Alumni Awarded Fulbright Scholarships

Trevor J. Bakker ’10 and Kevin X. Liu ’11 joined 37 other scholars from universities in the United States in the US-UK exchange program of 168 individuals.

New MCAT Means Few Changes

In response to proposed changes to the MCAT, faculty who teach popular pre-med courses say they are unlikely to dramatically change their course curricula.

HSMBB CommuniTea Success, Despite Lack of Speaker

Approximately 15 students gathered in Emerson Hall earlier this afternoon for peppermint tea, vegan snickerdoodles, and discussion at the Harvard Society for Mind, Brain, and Behavior's inaugural CommuniTea event of the semester.

‘CommuniTea’ Briefs Students About MMB

A handful of students discussed human psychology and neurobiology with professors yesterday at the Harvard Society for Mind, Brain and Behavior’s biweekly “CommuniTea” event in Emerson Hall.

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