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Reiser and Rogen Find the Funny in Fighting Cancer

If life gives you lemons, screenwriter Will Reiser has some advice for you: keep those lemons fermenting for seven years, make lemonade, and then hire Seth Rogen to sell it. Of course, for Reiser, these lemons came in the form of advanced spinal cancer.


Radiohead’s Revolutionary Rhetoric

Band releases literary newspaper to accompany new album


‘Conviction’ Filmmakers Find Art in Reality

Betty Anne Waters believes her brother would be proud of "Conviction." “Kenny would be so excited right now,” Waters states. “Kenny would be king. He would be thrilled. He would have loved this movie.”


Interpol Mature Into Tedium

Filled with ten inappropriately long tracks with the same slow, uneventful ennui, “Interpol” blurs together into a 45 minute-long, painful let-down.


Elsinore Start Over and Gets It Right

Although “Yes Yes Yes” is Elsinore’s second album, they have offered such a major shift in style that this might as well be their debut.

On Campus

Day or Nite, Yardfest Does Not Entertain

On Sunday all three artists proved incapable of consistently commanding attention, leaving this year’s Yardfest to be a rather stale and second-rate affair.


Henrik Genz is ‘Terribly Happy’

According to Danish director Henrik Genz, “We can’t get what we want. And we have to be happy with what we can get.” In his new film, “Terribly Happy,” Genz manifests these sentiments in a story that—unsurprisingly, given its title—is fairly dark.


Cop Out

“I set records with my shit-turds!”


'Frozen' Director Adam Green Unthaws

As Green says, if you are going to see “Frozen,” be ready for a “psychological mind-fuck of a movie.”


Wrangham Talks Violence at Coolidge

The first rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club. But that’s not stopping Professor Richard Wrangham. The biological anthropology professor and co-author of “Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence,” will be appearing at the Coolidge Corner Theatre on February 8th to discuss the 1999 David Fincher film as part of the theater’s ongoing series, “Science on Screen.”

Bat Boy

Theater Previews

Student performances of Grease, Bat Boy, and Shulamis


"Jardín de Pulpos" Reveals Life Under Dictator's Tentacles

Despite being an entirely Spanish-language production, TEATRO hopes that “Jardín” will create an aesthetic that transcends the limits of language.


‘CommuniTea’ Briefs Students About MMB

A handful of students discussed human psychology and neurobiology with professors yesterday at the Harvard Society for Mind, Brain and Behavior’s biweekly “CommuniTea” event in Emerson Hall.


Red Cliff



Beating a five-time platinum record isn’t easy. Coming off their wildly successful self-titled first album, Wolfmother had pretty lofty expectations ...