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Juliet N. Macchi '12 Dies in Car Crash

The former Lowell House resident and VES concentrator, who loved art, film, and skydiving, was killed alongside her mother as a result of an automobile accident on Saturday night near Plymouth, Mass.

CS50, Stat 110 See Continued Increases in Enrollment

In fall 2009, computer science lecturer David J. Malan welcomed 337 aspiring coders to his introductory computer science course CS50. Four years later, the course’s enrollment has more than doubled, closing in on—but just failing to surpass—the introductory economics course Ec 10a as Harvard’s most popular class.

With Demand for Popular Courses High, Course Lotteries See Low Admissions Rates

Folklore and Mythology 128: “Fairy Tale, Myth, and Fantasy Literature,” which accepted just 31 of 440 interested students, was among many that conducted lotteries over the past week to reduce overcrowding in their classrooms.

Second Place? Really?

For the first time in popular memory, Harvard University has fallen to Number Two on the U.S. News & World Report's annual list of the nation's top colleges. Sadly, this year Harvard was unable to earn its traditional perfect score of 100, dropping instead to a lowly 99, while the Princeton Tigers edged out the competition and received a perfect score.

Crowds, Crashes Usher in First Day of Classes

Tuesday morning, the popular course selection website was plagued by technical difficulties, making it hard for many students to access class locations and meeting times. Students and professors alike also noted overcrowding in many classrooms.

Three Dead, Dozens Injured from Boston Marathon Blasts

The final mile of the Boston Marathon was transformed into a grisly and chaotic scene Monday when two bombs exploded near the finish line at around 2:50 p.m., leaving three dead and more than 130 injured. Witnesses described dozens of victims sprawled across the course and limbs left lying amid broken glass on a blood-stained Boylston Street in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston.

Harvard Partnership Fights HIV/AIDS in Botswana

HIV/AIDS remains a dramatic problem in Botswana. But, thanks in part to the Harvard’s collaboration with the government, conditions on the ground have improved in the past decade as the Botswana-Harvard Partnership employs methods that combine vaccination, prevention efforts, and treatment.

Sandel Discusses Religion in Public Life

Government professor Michael J. Sandel and visiting professor Jean Bethke Elshtain discussed the role of religion in public life on Tuesday in front of a crowd of more than 500 students and community members in Sanders Theater.