Social Group Sanctions

Harvard Glee Club

Harvard Glee Club to Open Auditions to Students of All Genders

The Glee Club made the decision to open their membership eligibility after consulting with the historically-female Radcliffe Choral Society, which also decided to make its membership gender neutral in April.

Final Club Lobbying Illustration

To Fight Sanctions, Harvard Social Groups Take 'The Legislative Path'

Some Harvard social groups are taking the fight to cancel the College's controversial sanctions all the way to Capitol Hill.

Final Clubs


The Phoenix S.K. Club, located on Mt. Auburn Street, is one of Harvard's all-male final clubs.


Penalties Now Apply: The Class of 2021 Navigates the Sanctions

The first class of students affected by this policy has reacted to the sanctions in a variety of ways.

The Spee Club

Social Groups’ Grad Boards Could Pose Obstacle to Avoiding Sanctions Under New Plan

Harvard could deny recognition—and exemption from the College’s sanctions—to student social groups whose graduate boards it determines exert too much sway over the organizations.

Final Clubs

Social Group Coalitions Spent $90,000 Lobbying On Anti-Sanctions Bill in First Quarter of 2018

Two organizations spent a total of $90,000 in the first quarter of 2018 lobbying around legislation that could imperil the College’s ability to enforce its social group sanctions.

Rakesh Khurana
Final Clubs

Khurana Speaks Out Against Movement to Oppose Sanctions

Asked whether he is concerned by the push to oppose the penalties, Khurana said he thinks “people should respect a private institution’s ability to organize itself around its mission.”

Drew G. Faust
Central Administration

Faust Penned Letter to Stefanik Arguing Against Legislation that Could Imperil Sanctions

"I worry [the legislation] represents an effort by Congress to regulate student life and the shape and character of private institutions in a way that threatens to undermine that diversity of choice and experience," Faust wrote.

The Spee Club

Harvard May Demand Social Groups Submit Gender Breakdowns to Avoid Sanctions

Harvard is considering requiring gender-neutral student social groups to disclose anonymized gender breakdowns to the College in order to avoid Harvard’s sanctions, per an email obtained by The Crimson.

Sunday Night with the UC
Undergraduate Council

UC Leaders Call for More Student Involvement in Implementation of Sanctions

The UC president and vice president urged administrators to consider student voices as they implement the College's controversial sanctions.

Capitol Building
Student Life

Pro-Greek Life PAC Fights Against Sanctions, Adds Porcellian Grad to Board of Directors

A pro-Greek life political action committee is pushing for legislation that could imperil Harvard’s social group sanctions and has added a final club member to its board of directors.

Fly Club

Final Clubs Have No Immediate Plans to Sue Harvard

“It’s the type of thing that you allow for the possibility but you don’t plan for its being an eventuality,” said Richard T. Porteus Jr. ’78, the graduate president of the Fly Club.

Owl Club

Faculty Vote to Include Sanctions in Handbook

​The Faculty voted to include the College’s social group penalties in the student handbook, ending more than a year and a half of turmoil and ensuring once and for all that the controversial sanctions are here to stay.

University Hall

Faculty to Discuss Adding Sanctions to Handbook

The Faculty of Arts and Science will discuss the addition of the College’s controversial social group policy to the student handbook at their monthly meeting this Tuesday.

Katie O'Dair
Undergraduate Council

Student Life Committee Examines Final Sanctions Plan

The Committee on Student Life met Thursday morning to discuss the College’s long-anticipated final implementation plan for its social group policy—and to begin to determine the committee’s role in evaluating that policy.