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The Word: Departure

It’s not like I have a pathological fear of high-speed travel or anything. I’m just horrifyingly bad at it.

Element 1: Dante’s Literal Hellium

8 Most Interesting Elements

8 Most Interesting Elements

FM Imagines: Eight Most Interesting Elements

Supposedly, a couple of Harvard researchers have figured out how to synthesize solid metallic hydrogen. While we don’t doubt the pedagogical value of this discovery, FM’s own scientists have been hard at work adding eight entirely new elements to the periodic table.​

Ta-Nehisi Coates Speaks at the IOP

Ta-Nehisi Coates at the IOP

His solemnity was, perhaps, to be expected, given the recent surge in student-led protests at universities like Yale and the University of Missouri regarding issues of institutional racism and what protesters contend are hostile academic environments.


Opening Celebration of Corita Kent and the Language of Pop

​I’ve always felt about pop art as I feel about theoretical physics: The reasoning behind it eludes me, but I can objectively appreciate its importance. Call me a philistine, but there doesn’t seem to be a natural progression from technicolor soup cans to art. Thus, like “string theory,” I heard the name “Corita Kent” once in high school and promptly forgot what it referred to.


A Look Inside: Warren House

​On the outskirts of Harvard Yard lies an incongruous yellow house. Lacking the domineering sophistication of the Faculty Club and the Barker Center’s frenetic influx of students, the yellow farmhouse is comparatively modest, with nothing but a small placard on the door to inform you that you are inside Warren House. ​


Drinky Drink: Punch

​Look, we get it. Socializing is hard. Being sober is hard. Competitively socializing while sober is borderline torturous. FM’s solution: pregame the hell out of your next punch event with these seasonal cocktails.

Student Life

Mad Lib: Networking

Why hello ___________ (insert name of potential future employer)! What an ________ (excellent/fortuitous/unfortunate) coincidence seeing you here!

Year in Review

March Madness

A list of things that quite literally made us very mad in March.


Drinky Drink: Housing Day

Housing Day is right around the corner, folks, and we all know what that means. That’s right, it means it’s time for all of you freshmen to gather in your blocking groups, the formation of which has been causing you to stress eat for the past few weeks, and sacrifice some cuddly baby animals in an ancient voodoo ritual to appease the Housing Day gods.


How To Ask Out Your TF

Hi (name of super hot TF)


15 Least Interesting Classes

Like Forrest Gump would’ve said if he’d gotten the chance, course selection at Harvard is like a box of chocolates. That Gen Ed could turn out to be filled with sweet, melty caramel—or funky raspberry syrup. That off-the-wall VES elective could be luscious dark chocolate right to the core, or a flavorless layer of brown barely covering a hollow center. Avoid some unpleasant surprises this spring: don’t bite into any of the duds below.


Harvard References on TV

For better or for worse, Harvard has gotten a significant amount of airtime over the years.


What Should Freshmen Parents Do Around Town?

9:30 a.m.: Wake up for your 10 a.m. Give up on your 10 a.m. Last night’s Thirsty Thursday debauchery certainly doesn’t come for free. Your parents, eyes bright, peek into your miniscule Holworthy double. Lie to your parents, saying you received an email that your [insert class that would never be cancelled] lecture was postponed. Roll back into bed, sinking into the deepest parts of slumber you can only enjoy during truancy.

Designer Jewelry

Get Out: Thrift Shops

It's time to swap your old duds for some vintage finds.