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Henry N. Brooks

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Recovering American Exceptionalism

Especially in the Trump era, it seems well worth our time to reexamine the mythos of fireworks and declarations, if only to ensure our own good intentions.

Bad Liberals

No More Possessive Liberals

For good or ill, the country has become ensnared in decades-old politics.


The Importance of Humanist Aspirations

These yearnings for civility, like Hawking’s longing for cosmic travel, may seem like a commendable response to the times. They are not our better angels, though.


Trump’s Silence on South African Land Reform is a Sign of the Times

In the bygone ages of Woodrow Wilson or John F. Kennedy ’40, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, America might have offered some sort of policy or moral guidance. But no longer in the era of President Donald Trump, Twitter tirades, and trade wars.


Secularism and Its Discontents

We must work to cultivate a space in which gods, spirits, the secular, and the queer can cohabitate.


Harvard’s New President is the Liberal’s Old Dilemma

That Bacow is our incoming president may well prove to be a win-win scenario.


The Case for Ending Social Media

This author offers an alternative to the usual incrementalism. Zuckerberg and his cohort should surrender their platforms.


No Strangers to the Homeland: Why It’s Wrong to Label Israeli Jews Colonizers

To speak of the Jewish diaspora as though those people have always been splattered across the Earth is to deny their cohesive origin and the violent act through which they were divided.