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States of Mind Cover

‘States of Mind’ Offers a Subtle Yet Powerful Representation of Mental Illness

The Guillon duo fully illustrates the circularity and repetitiveness of having a mental illness, showing that one step forward could lead to two steps back.

Walking on the Ceiling Cover

No Plot, Little Character, Some Evocative Prose: ‘Walking on the Ceiling’ Cries Out For More

Savaş’ description of Nunu’s interior is particularly apt — they almost, but not quite, redeem the lack of plot.

Naamah Cover

‘Naamah’ Tells Us What It’s Actually Like to Be A Woman Aboard Noah’s Ark

There’s not much sex in the Bible — at least, explicitly — but there’s plenty of it in “Naamah.”

I Miss You When I Blink Cover

‘I Miss You When I Blink’ is Like Playing Whack-a-Mole — But in Book Form

Philpott’s memoir is somewhat baffling in the range of quality from essay to essay.

The Ash Family Cover

'The Ash Family’ Explores The Human Desire for Acceptance and Love

“The Ash Family” is, most simply, about getting lost while surrounded by others.

Avengers Unpopular Photo

Unpopular Opinion: After 100 Years, Hollywood has Already Run Out of Ideas?

Have producers, directors, actors, and everyone else run out of ideas? The answer, given the preponderance of evidence, is yes.

Toulouse-Lautrec Image
On Campus

‘Toulouse-Lautrec and the Stars of Paris’ Offers a Peek into the Artist’s Paris

The MFA's exhibit of Toulouse-Lautrec captures the full range of the artist’s talents, situates it all in the context of his life — and makes a trip to the museum well worth the commute.


Expressions’ ‘EXpelled’ Balances Warmth and Intimidation

Between worrying about exams, catching feelings for someone, or dealing with mental health issues, the piece tackled it all.

Barker Center
On Campus

'Bad Romance' Explores Love, Sex, and Consent Through Academic Perspectives

Students and professors alike will soon crowd the Barker Center for a conference that explores academic perspectives on the #MeToo movement.

Dragon Lady Photo

‘Dragon Lady’ Explores What It Means to Become a Mother Before Becoming a Woman

The comical moments support a darker commentary on the difficulty of Maria Sr.’s trajectory and the inevitable misunderstanding by younger generations.

Andrea Flores

Portrait of an Artist: Andrea R. Flores ’10

Andrea Flores spoke to The Harvard Crimson about working in the White House, life at Harvard, and how female students can lay the foundations for later activism and governments after college.

Queer Eye Season 3 image

‘Queer Eye’ Returns as Powerful and Entertaining as Before

The new season proves that regardless of what causes each person’s struggles, these five men know how to dig deep and ask the right questions, all while entertaining a larger audience.


Neither Ghostly nor Gripping: ‘Guestbook: Ghost Stories’

The experience of reading "Guestbook: Ghost Stories" is much akin to panning for gold: searching, desperately, for a small glimmer amid the dirt and silt.

'Run Away' cover

'Run Away,' Please

Haphazardly throwing together cults, drugs, and genetic testing does not make a thriller.


Yearning for a Revolution in ‘Infinite Football’

Porumboiu brings a unique insight to the documentary in drawing visual parallels between Ginghina’s ambitions and the future of Romanian modernization.