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Harry Styles Sara Lee Frame

Of Course Harry Styles Can Make Bread Sexy

Everyone who wanted to hear Harry Styles say “getting railed to death” on live TV got their wish last weekend.

Cassandra Luca '21

Arts Vanity: I Am Offended That Taylor Swift Does Not Know How to Use the Subjunctive

Ms. Swift, if she must speak in such an unwomanly way in public, must at least demonstrate her knowledge of the subjunctive mood.

Bojack Horseman Season Six Part One Still

‘BoJack’ is Back and Lives Up to Expectations

In the latest season of “BoJack Horseman,” BoJack (Will Arnett) is forced to confront his depression and alcoholism head-on, as well as grapple with the death of Sarah Lynn (Kristen Schaal) from a past season.

'Mickey and the Bear' still

‘Mickey and the Bear’ Says Little — But Says the Necessary Things Well

Attanasio’s first film is an absolute success in its depiction of the myth — for many — of American upward mobility and its accompanying suffocation.

The Starless Sea Cover

Nothing But A Sea of Disappointment in ‘The Starless Sea’

Morgenstern appears to create a metanarrative about why we tell stories, how we tell them, who gets to keep them, where they go, and how we get lost in them.

Little Weirds Cover

‘Little Weirds’ Shows Us the Beauty of the Strange

Book titles generally do a good job of encapsulating their contents, but few are as on the nose as “Little Weirds."

Dear Girls Cover

Ali Wong’s ‘Dear Girls’ Is a Wild Romp Through Vietnam and The Comedy World

Anyone familiar with Wong’s particular brand of comedy is bound to read every single word in her voice.

Modern Love Still Preview

‘Modern Love’: Come For The Stories, Stay for the TV Series and Future Merch

The New York Times, in conjunction with WBUR Cityspace, held a preview of Amazon's new show "Modern Love" in Boston on Oct. 6.

Big Mouth Season Three Still

Round Three of ‘Big Mouth’ (Appropriately) Goes Even Further Than You Thought It Would

Even if you’re way older than the kids in this show, there are cultural references for everyone.

Imaginary Friend Cover

Stephen Chbosky Returns With Lukewarm Horror Novel ‘Imaginary Friend’

Perhaps scaling back the page count and honing in on one specific message would have been a better idea.

Caroline Calloway Still

The Caroline Calloway Controversy Is About Us, Too

Calloway’s drama — played out over Twitter, think pieces, and interviews — is fodder for our desire to throw our own voices into the void.

Friends Graphic

25 Years Later and ‘Friends’ is Indeed Still Around

“Friends” is around, yes, but not necessarily relevant — though this hasn’t stopped teenagers from hosting themed parties about the TV show.

Facebook Dating App

Facebook’s Graphic Design Team Is Great, But Its Ideas Still Suck

Facebook, in keeping with its trend of releasing products that no one asked for but everyone ends up grudgingly using, has just rolled out its very own dating app.

Superfans Blog

Fans Need To Chill

I myself used to think that when actors, singers, or any other brand of famous people become famous, their life becomes up for grabs. After all, they chose this life. Right? Wrong.

Harvard Lampoon Building

Students Criticize Harvard Lampoon Culture, Lack of Transparency at Comp Meeting Protest

Roughly 10 students protested a Harvard Lampoon comp open house Friday night, interrogating the organization’s leadership about its internal culture and a controversial image of Holocaust victim Anne Frank printed last semester.