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Varsity Lacrosse Team Bows to Williams, 10-8

The Harvard lacrosse team stayed even with Williams through the first 411/2 minute of play, but then the powerful Ephmen

Crimson Stickmen Play Cornell

The Harvard lacrosse team travels to Ithaca to take on a Cornell squad that doesn't figure to be in the

Stickmen Beat Brown Squad, 8-7

After jumping to a 2-goal lead in the first quarter, the Crimson lacrosse team had to fight hard to withstand

Crimson Stickmen Oppose Strong Brown Squad Here

The Crimson lacrosse team goes after its first Ivy victory against a strong Brown at 3 p.m. on the Business

Cliffies May Get Tickets To Some Football Games

The Faculty Committee on Athletic Sports has proposed that Radcliffe girls be given free tickets to most football games next

Hughes, Day Speak Before PAX Meeting

Problems of peace, disarmament, and civil rights, dramatically underscored by the presence of three survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were


Tradition-bound Boston broke precedent last Thursday night when the first exhibition of Surrealist art in the city's history opened at

'Cliffies Vote to Change Sophomore Sign-Out Rule

By a vote of 551 to 425, 'Cliffies have passed the referendum to extend junior and senior rules to sophomores.

Honor System's Failure Puts Checkers at 'Cliffe

President Bunting said yesterday that checkers have been employed in the Radcliffe dining rooms because "the Honor System has not