Brave New Worlds

By Daniel L. Leonard

The Illogical Case for Space

Over the past few months, I’ve written a half-dozen columns examining the ethics and rationale behind a variety of space initiatives. But there’s one central question that I have yet to tackle: Why should we care about space exploration in the first place?

Some space enthusiasts choose to ignore this question altogether. If you ask them why you ought to care about space, they might look at you like you’re crazy — “Well, why wouldn’t you? Are you, like, against science or something?” But when billions of taxpayer dollars are going into space-related research every year, and the benefit to the public is not always evident, the “why” question needs to be addressed.

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One Giant Beep for Mankind

What was the most important event in the history of space exploration?

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In Case of Emergency, Go Up

Is humanity prepared for an extinction-level event?

No, I’m not referring to the coronavirus. As devastating as this current pandemic is, it doesn’t pose an existential threat to humanity. But imagine a deadlier virus were to emerge — one with a 100% fatality rate. Or an asteroid impact? Or a nuclear holocaust? Is our species prepared?

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Forced Rivalries

As we collectively reel from the devastating impact of coronavirus — an impact made far worse by the Trump administration’s inept response — I figured now would be a great time to revisit another of this administration’s forgotten blunders.

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Tiny Worlds of Untapped Potential

What’s the largest amount of money that you can think of?

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