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Vaccine Supply at Harvard Will Remain Scarce Until April, Health Services Director Says

Harvard University Health Services Director Giang T. Nguyen said in a Friday interview he anticipates that state vaccine shipments will remain low through March but is “hopeful” that supplies will increase in April, in time to send students home for the summer vaccinated.


The “six pillars” to control the outbreak are mask wearing, social distancing, testing, contract tracing, isolation, and treatment, all of which would be necessary to be in place at Harvard for students to return.

At Least 500,000 Tests Needed Per Day to Reopen Economy, Harvard Researchers Say

Researchers at the Harvard Global Health Institute estimate the United States will need to perform at least 500,000 coronavirus tests per day in order to successfully reopen the economy, according to a Saturday report.

Medical School Dean Addresses Ventilator Shortage, Rationing Care in Journal Article

Harvard Medical School Dean George Q. Daley and two other Medical School faculty advocated for the use of “triage committees” within individual hospitals to address a potential shortage of ventilators nationwide in an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine late last month.

Harvard Prohibits Non-Essential University Travel Until May 31, International Travel Cancelled Until August 31

Harvard is prohibiting all University-related international travel and non-essential domestic air travel through at least May 31. It is also barring Harvard-organized and Harvard-funded international travel scheduled to take place between now and August 31.

Inside Harvard College’s Decision to Send Students Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Nguyen’s email marked the first of many Harvard undergraduates would receive about the coronavirus. At first, they concerned Harvard’s centers and activities in far off places. But while students received emails about travel restrictions and hygiene tips, behind the scenes College administrators began to discuss more extreme changes the virus might bring about on campus.

Harvard Health Services Director Nguyen Outlines New Protocols for Coronavirus Tracking and Testing

With 27 Harvard affiliates now reporting positive test results for COVID-19, Harvard University Health Services Director Giang T. Nguyen said his office is working to coordinate with local health authorities and adapting the few in-person services it still offers in an interview Thursday.

Harvard and Chinese Scientists Collaborate on Coronavirus Research

Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals and research institutions have formed six research working groups as part of a recently announced collaboration with a Chinese research institution, Harvard Medical School Dean George Q. Daley ‘82 said in an interview Friday.

Harvard Prof. Co-Authors Study Investigating COVID-19 Outbreak and Control Methods in Wuhan, China

A new study co-authored by Harvard School of Public Health biostatistics professor Xihong Lin elucidates how coronavirus spread in Wuhan, China and analyzes the effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions — such as isolation and social distancing — in containing the outbreak.

Cambridge City Council Passes Measures to Mitigate Effects of Coronavirus

The Cambridge City Council passed several measures Monday evening intended to give financial support to small businesses in Cambridge, identify potential emergency shelters, and halt in-person real estate showings during the coronavirus outbreak.

‘I Haven't Left This Hotel Room’: For Some Students, Homestays Begin With Quarantine

Harvard sent the vast majority of undergraduates home to their childhood bedrooms last week. Julian Lee ’22, however, has spent most of his time inside of a hotel room, as he joins other quarantined undergraduates trying to shield their families from the novel coronavirus.

Harvard Corporation Senior Fellow Bill Lee ’72 Says Corporation Will Continue to Meet on Schedule, Bacow Updates Him Daily

As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates, the Harvard Corporation — the University’s highest governing body — will continue to meet in accordance with its planned schedule, according to an email from the Corporation’s senior fellow William F. Lee ’72.

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