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It’s an Australian thing, I told whoever proudly. It’s a habit that you learn from chilly beach days when you feel the wind grow chiller, and you can see the days grow shorter, and when you know, you just know, this means that Summer’s ending so you’ll all be back at school soon, and all those Summer Dreams you dreamed all year are never coming true, or not this time around at least.

Change We Can Believe In?

Some people ask whether terrorists should have rights. But there is no way to tell who is a terrorist and who isn’t without some sort of fair process.

Graduating into the First Decade

If there is a consistent theme to the past 10 years, it is that we have consistently underestimated the likelihood and impact of negative, high-consequence events.

The Beauty of Nothing

Doing nothing has been one of my greatest pastimes over the past four years, and I unequivocally endorse its practice to those students who have yet to embrace it.

The Druze Challenge of Survival

Ultimately, the survival of the Druze will largely depend on the young Druze educated professional class and their ability to establish an international committee to reform the tenets of the Druze faith that are in conflict with modern times.

Week of Celebration, Day of Service

The perfect way to balance Senior Week would be to add a day of service to the list of activities.

A Message from the President to the Class of 2010

Keep asking the big, irrelevant questions; keep thinking beyond the present. Then live what you have learned.

Reforming the SEC

America needs an SEC that is independent and not politically motivated, with a staff that is well-educated and knowledgeable about the Securities Laws.

Harvard Rules

I would like to say that I regret nothing of the past four years. Actually, I do regret one thing: not having donated one of my eggs to those people who advertise in The Crimson, because, hey, that’s serious money.

A New Era of Big Citizenship

Now, as you prepare to head out into the real world to create extraordinary lives, I hope you will continue to nurture that spirit of service in assuming what former President Harry S. Truman called the “highest office” in the land: that of citizen.

And Sow The Seeds of Tyranny

Like all parting shots, the message can be neatly summed up with a one-sentence lesson I learned in third grade: Agree to disagree.

The Protestant Ethic and The Spirit of Lamont

The library and the community it sustains emerge in response to the central anxiety of Harvard life: the failure to measure up. Under Lamont’s 24-hour fluorescent lighting, no one need bear this ponderous burden alone.

About Alison

Of the 11 roommates I had, Ali and I started the furthest apart, yet she’s the one to whom I’m closest today.

Marijuana Legalization in California

The U.S. experiment with marijuana prohibition is just as misguided as was its earlier experiment with alcohol prohibition. We learned our lesson once; it is time to learn it again.

Freedom to Float

Floating hurts, but I believe being plopped into murky water could benefit more than a few Harvard undergrads.

Don’t be Afraid to Take Risks

Before you determine your next challenge, remember that some of life’s greatest adventures and most enriching experiences will come from things you have yet to realize are even possible.

A Few Good Men of Harvard

In short, you see people who are so busy trying to save the world that they forget to take care of it.

The Next Financial Crisis

Thus far, consumers and non-energy-related businesses have not felt much of a credit pinch. Yet, analysts warn that, in spite of the strong position of the banks, a powerful credit crunch is inevitable.

Greetings from the Ad Board

In focusing on “low-hanging fruit” like The Crimson’s innocuous semesterly celebration, Deans David R. Friedrich and Suzy M. Nelson of the Office of Student Life squander time and money regulating celebratory, fun events highly unlikely to create any liability for the College.

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