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On Borrowed Time: Inside the Decision HUDS Workers Say They Must Make Between Safety and Salary

Harvard's decision to depopulate campus sent HUDS workers scrambling. Though employees who worked at dining halls that have since closed are currently on paid leave, those who are still required to work face a difficult choice. At-risk individuals may request to stay home — but it often comes at a cost.

The Hidden History of the Harvard Law School Library’s Treasure Room

Upon the completion of the Caspersen Room's construction in 1948, the director of the library said that the room was “not to be a stationary object, but a vital, active force working for the benefit of mankind.” While initially meant to serve as a memorial to the Law School students who fought and died in the World Wars, a walk around the room today reveals Harvard’s connections to long histories of racism and injustice.


Amid an ongoing lawsuit contesting the Peabody Museum’s possession of a series of daguerreotypes that depict two enslaved people, scholars and activists have focused their attention on the museum’s collection and acquisition practices. But the daguerreotypes central to the lawsuit were only discovered in the Peabody’s collection in 1976 — a discovery that raises questions about what other objects may languish uncatalogued and anonymous in the boxes, racks, and milk crates the museum secrets away.

Next Up On Harvard Divinity School’s Playlist: Jesus is King

From being "broken down" by the Devil in "The College Dropout" to proclaiming himself a god on "Yeezus," Kanye West now "bows down to the King upon the throne" in his latest release "Jesus Is King," a self-proclaimed gospel album. While some gospel artists have embraced the album, music critics have largely dismissed it as inauthentic.