Malkin Athletic Center

On-Campus Student Athletes Begin Socially-Distanced Workouts

Student athletes living on campus partook in their first team workouts on Monday in accordance with a phased approach rolled out by Harvard Athletics to reintroduce athletic activity to students on campus.

Athletics Halts Capital Projects, Considers Further Budget Cuts

In the face of a financial crisis, Harvard Athletics has deferred all capital projects and is considering other cost-cutting moves.

Malkin Athletic Center

Since the global pandemic halted athletics, Harvard’s student-athletes say they are trying to maintain unity and fitness away from Cambridge.

Recreation Centers Introduce New Equipment Check-Out Policy

Hemenway Gymnasium and Malkin Athletic Center users must now check out equipment like sweat towels after dozens of towels and other equipment went missing. Users who fail to return their towels under the new policy will face fines if they don’t return them after an emailed warning.

Fencing Beanpot

Shawn A. Wallace ’19 scores in the closing epee match against Brandeis on Wednesday. The women’s fencing team beat Brandeis 21-6, with a 7-2 record in the epee division.

Harvard Taekwondo

Inkwon Jang, center, Taekwondo master and instructor, guides graduate student Dmitry Vinichenko, left, and Thomas R. Lively ’18, right, through a series of exercises at the Malkin Athletic Center on Monday.

Despite Protest, Campus Services Will Pave Part of MAC Quad

Starting at the end of September, workers will begin to remove trees and pave approximately 10 percent of the sloped northernmost section of the grassy space adjacent to the Malkin Athletic Center.

Best Vending Machines on Campus

Ah, the wonders of the vending machine—enabling students to stay indoors for weeks on end since they were first invented in the 1880s. Don’t wait for the next blizzard to scope out supply lines. FM will guide you through some of the best vending machines at Harvard, so you can always be prepared.

Out to Lunch with Harry G. Gray (The MAC Guy)

“Excuse me, miss,” says Harry G. Gray, as an undergrad with a bulky backpack hurtles past him in the Quincy dining hall servery. Gray’s emphasis on etiquette might seem eccentric, but old-fashioned manners and general goodwill are routine, the man you may know as “That Nice Guy Who Swipes You in at the MAC.”

Campus Yoga Blog Launches

In an effort to bring together information about yoga and meditation opportunities at Harvard, Kelly S. Robinson ’13, who teaches yoga classes on campus, recently launched the blog Veritas Yoga.

Harlem Globetrotters Shoot at the MAC

The Harlem Globetrotters, a family-friendly exhibitionist basketball team, came to the Malkin Athletic Center on Monday to educate schoolchildren on character. If you happened to have been at the gym between 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m., you may have seen a handful of members from the team gracing the basketball courts.

First Stop: Vinyasa

You may have heard the word "Vinyasa" used before to describe a yoga class, but do you really know what it means? Vinyasa is a style of yoga that emphasizes breath-movement coordination and repetitions of flowing poses.

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