Paying the Price

The University remains opposed to divesting its $35.9 billion endowment from fossil fuels, steadfast in the face of numerous sit-ins and demonstrations by students, alumni, and faculty affiliated with the activist group Divest Harvard.

Harvard's Federal Research Funding Declines Slightly in FY 2014

Funding from federal grants fell by 5 percent in 2014, the first full year after sequestration took hold. In the same period, non-federal funding rose 12 percent.

Confronting the Sequester

Three months after across-the-board budget cuts hit research funding, the outlook for research varies from lab to lab. Nonetheless, most agree that sequestration will hit younger researchers the hardest.

Confronting The Sequester

Most researchers and administrators at Harvard agree that when the cuts do trickle down, younger, incoming researchers will disproportionately suffer, hindering the development of a new generation of researchers and, ultimately, stalling long-term advances.

Government Professors Caution Against Political Science Spending Cuts

A Congressional budgetary amendment severely limiting National Science Foundation funding for political science research poses a significant threat to that field’s most promising academic work, Harvard government professors warned Monday.

As Washington Passes Sequestration, Harvard Braces for Impact

Following months of budget battles on Capitol Hill, President Barack Obama signed off on legislation Friday night to automatically reduce government spending, unleashing an unprecedented wave of cuts to funding sources that have long supported Harvard’s researchers and scientists.

On the Brink of Sequester, Faust Meets with Lawmakers

During a trip to Washington this week, University President Drew G. Faust met with prominent lawmakers, including Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, U.S. Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III of Massachusetts, and Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, to argue against cuts to federal research funding that will take effect if Congress does not pass a budget deal sometime on Friday.

Faust Travels to Capitol To Warn Against Sequestration

University President Drew G. Faust will travel to Capitol Hill this week to sound the alarm about across-the-board budget cuts that would likely slash millions of dollars in funding for Harvard researchers.

Outside Funding at Harvard

The Federal Government supplies millions of dollars of research funding to Harvard every year. With the coming Sequester, much of this will not be renewed. On this map, Harvard's schools are colored by the proportion of their budget that is made up of sponsored programs. Click a school for more detail.

With Federal Cuts Looming, University Researchers Say Outlook Is Gloomy

Some agencies have already reduced grant totals in advance of unprecedented federal spending cuts scheduled to take effect Friday, forcing labs across the University to proactively trim costs and refocus their research. At the same time, administrators have begun the process of reorienting the way the University solicits funding.

Faust Delivers Address on Science Research, Sequestration

University President Drew G. Faust warned that cuts to federal research funding would endanger innovation, the economy, and “intellectual life” in the United States in a speech to the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Harvard Lobbying Steady in 2012

Harvard’s Office of Federal Relations spent about $510,000 on lobbying in Washington D.C. in the calendar year of 2012, approximately the same amount as in 2011, according to public records filed with Congress.

After Fiscal Deal, Funding Cuts Still Loom for Harvard

Congressional lawmakers reached an eleventh-hour deal late Tuesday to avert the so-called fiscal cliff, largely postponing what will likely be far-reaching spending cuts expected to cost Harvard and other research universities millions of dollars in federal sponsorship.

Harvard Braces for Decline in Federal Funding

As Washington lawmakers scramble to reach a last-minute budget deal before the end of the year, Harvard and other research universities are bracing for what would be the most dramatic cut in federal research funding in recent history.

Election, Automatic Budget Cuts Could Affect Harvard's Research Funding

Harvard received more than $600 million in federal funding for research in fiscal year 2010, according to the University’s annual fiscal report released in 2011. That funding may be at risk, depending on whether Democrat Barack Obama or Republican Mitt Romney—who hold disparate views on public funding—wins this November’s presidential election.

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