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Cambridge Violin
Around Town

Two Hundred Square Feet and Dickensian

A display case at street level bears a sign with peeling letters that says “VIOLINS VIOLAS CELLOS BOWS REPAIRS SALES” and an arrow that points 45 degrees up toward a door that leads to a staircase with 16 steps.


The In-Between

Skinner says he chose “First Fig” because the poem sums up his approach to life. “I’ve never been much of a planner. I’ve never been much of a long-term worrier,” he says.

Nuke scrut banner

Harvard and the Atomic Bomb

For 70 years, the light a Harvard president helped ignite has continued to burn. Entire movements have sprung to extinguish it, as have generations of academics; neither have succeeded.

Faust Pop Art


In a time with so much talk about who the next president will be, it is logical to wonder: Do people actually know what Harvard's president does?

A Good Ole Venny D

A Good Ole Venny D

A spicy new Venn Diagram stock image

Venn Diagram: Gender vs. Gerrymander

Arbitrary lines?

No More, America

No More, America

The transcript of the debate was published as a small booklet shortly after. It is one of the only debates for which the entire transcript is available in the Harvard Archives.

Robot and human
Student Jobs

Fifteen Jobs That Will Still Be Around Once the Robots Take Over

Will you be out of a job once the robot apocalypse hits? Probably, unless you're Coach Brady.

Memorial Church

Godless Harvard

At the time, attendance at Harvard’s religious services was harshly enforced. Monitors sat in the back of the church, checking for absentees. According to the second chapter of the Laws of Harvard College, those who were late to Prayers were subjected to a “one Penny” fine and those who missed Prayers were fined “two Pence.”