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Fresh ‘Like Crazy’ Offers Realistic Romance

As an emotional drama with believable actors and enough style to set it apart, “Like Crazy” successfully breaks the mold of sappy romance movies while still necessitating a box of tissues.

Jonah Hill Harvard Crimson Interview

The Harvard Crimson sits down with Jonah Hill who is in Boston promoting his new film Moneyball, in theaters September 23rd.

Jonah Hill ‘Just Wants to Make Cool Stuff’

In just over five years, Jonah Hill has gone from being a side-splitting minor character in assorted Judd Apatow movies to an actor widely recognized for his unmistakable talent, even outside of comedy films.

Zombies, Spoons, and Water Guns—House Games Abound

If you suddenly find yourself in the midst of a vicious water gun fight on Mt. Auburn Street, or if you happen to witness fellow students wielding plastic spoons like grenades, do not fear; you are not crazy and these events really are taking place.

Britney Spears Cements Comeback on ‘Femme Fatale’

The album is comprised almost entirely of electronic dance music, but within that genre, the pop icon proves successful yet again at refracting current mainstream trends through a style undeniably her own.