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Yenching Closes
Student Life

Yenching Shutters Doors After 40 Years

Loyal customers were shocked and saddened by the sudden closing on Sunday evening of Yenching restaurant, a Szechuan-style Chinese eatery that has been a staple of Harvard Square for decades.

Al's Cafe

Popular Square Eateries’ Exodus Prompts Stir Among Students

Both Al’s and Clover are popular local institutions, and their forthcoming departure because of planned renovations to the Smith Campus Center, caused a stir among some students.

Monastery Open for Prayer
Harvard in the City

Monastery Offers Refuge in Busy Harvard Square

“We try to provide a still point in the city for people to come to,” said Brother Luke W. Ditewig, one of the younger monks living at the monastery.


Harvard Students ‘Devastated’ About Yogurtland Closing

A small but passionate and vocal group of longtime student-patrons who regularly frequented Yogurtland while it was in business described themselves as heartbroken over the closure.

John Bates Clark Medal Recipient

Fryer Awarded Clark Medal

The first African-American to receive the award, Fryer was recognized for his contributions to research on the economics of race and inequality.

Albright, Speaking

Former Secretary of State Albright Talks International Negotiations

Albright discussed her time as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations as well as her role as the first female Secretary of State, including her involvement in negotiations in the Balkans, Russia, the Middle East, and Asia.

Summers and Furman at the IOP

Obama Colleagues Summers and Furman Talk Economic Growth

Former University President Larry Summers and Jason L. Furman ‘92, the current Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, discussed domestic economic growth at a packed JFK Jr. Forum at the IOP Monday night.

City Politics

Officials Determine No Health Threat from Sewage Leak into Drinking Water Source

Due to the size of the Hobbs Brook Reservoir and the fact that the water goes through several stages of treatment, officials said, the raw sewage leak is of little concern for public safety.

Cambridge City Hall
City Politics

City Council Votes To Cut Ties with TransCanada, Explore Sustainability

A unanimous Cambridge City Council vote requesting not to renew the city’s energy contract with the TransCanada Corporation might make Cambridge one of just a handful of American cities to pursue total independence from non-renewable energy sources.

Cambridge City Hall
City Politics

For 16th Year in a Row, Cambridge Receives AAA Credit Rating

Cambridge is one of only 34 municipalities across the country to earn the AAA rating from all three major U.S. credit rating agencies this year.

Quorum Analyzes Congressional Data
Student Life

Harvard Startup Analyzes Congress

According to co-founder Jonathan A. Marks '15, Quorum is built to "identify the ways that people are working together in Congress and use this information to design better legislative strategies."