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Arts Vanity: Is this my Co – Star ‘Day at a Glance’ or a Horror Movie Quote?

By calculating your birth to the minute, Co – Star promises to deliver you personalized daily horoscopes that walk the line between inspiring and utterly threatening. Whether the messages are crafted by a coalition of NASA data and expert astrologers — as their website attests — or by some underpaid intern slurping down an iced coffee, it’s hard to shake the feeling that Co – Star eagerly awaits your impending death.  Just how horror movie-esque can these messages be? Quiz yourself with the quotes below to find out!

‘Modern Love’ Deserves a Second Date

The “will they, won’t they” is a staple of television romance, and for good reason. Given its title, it’s no surprise that Amazon Prime’s “Modern Love” picks up on this dramatic tradition by presenting some unconventional pairings of its own.

‘Special’ is Just as Unique as Its Name Suggests

With its unconventionality and the experience that Ryan O’Connell brings to the table as a gay, disabled man himself, Netflix's “Special” is worth watching for people of all identities.

‘Long Shot’ Brings Romance to the White House

This “average guy falls in love with a hot girl” story has been told time and time again, but “Long Shot” comes with a twist: The hot girl in question is the current Secretary of State and a presidential candidate, and the average guy is… still just average, or so it seems.

‘Leaving Neverland’ Gives Survivors a Voice

“Leaving Neverland," the new two-part HBO documentary, gives a hauntingly powerful glimpse into the life of an enigmatic cultural icon, as well as the devastating effects of child sexual abuse.

‘The Umbrella Academy’ is Far From Ordinary

If there is anything that today’s constant barrage of comic book adaptations has taught the modern viewer, it’s that superhero stories are repetitive. Fortunately, Netflix's “The Umbrella Academy” does everything it can to stand out.