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Harvard Professors on Trump

The Rise of Trump: Harvard Professors Weigh In

​Three weeks before the presidential election, the basement of Boylston Hall is filled with John Oliver’s voice, blaring, “Make Donald Drumpf Again.”

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Undergraduate Council

Retrospection: The UC's First Steps

“We, the undergraduates of Harvard College, are an important part of the University community, and are therefore entitled to an active role in deciding its policies and priorities,” it begins.

GOP Candidates

Teen Mag Quiz: Which Forgotten Republican Nominee Are You?

With election day rapidly approaching, FM has decided to take a look back at the original Republican presidential candidates. Which one are you? Take our quiz to find out!


Drinky Drink: Election Night

Here at FM, we’ve decided to prepare some drink recipes to calm your nerves and make buying those plane tickets a little easier.​

Student Delegates

The Conventional Wisdom

When Sruthi Palaniappan ’20 arrived at her hotel in Philadelphia, Pa., last July, she stood in line next to CNN host Wolf Blitzer.

Hillary in Harvard Square

Hillary in Harvard Square

Nancy Gertner spent many nights chatting over steaming cups of tea in Hillary Rodham's small apartment in Watertown, Mass., in 1973.


Who Wore It Better: The Pantsuit Edition

In order to get the 411 on the pantsuit phenomenon, let us turn to the experts: namely, Hillary Clinton and University President Drew G. Faust.


Echoes of '64: Harvard & Barry Goldwater

Still, certain voters found both Johnson and Goldwater equally unappealing. Their complaints bear a striking similarity to negative perceptions of Hillary Clinton and her Republican opponent.

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Roll With It

Ben G. Cort '18 is the Dungeon Master.

Flag of Alabama

The Word: State

My story is an Alabama story. I grew up with its names on my tongue, whispers of something untouchable: Sipsey, Black Warrior, Little River.

In Quincy's Basement

FM Imagines: Hillary and Trump as Section Kids

This section always went to hell every four years.